Complications related with Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity -   Childhood obesity is on the rise, and many healthcare professionals are warning that the issue could become an epidemic in the UK. Studies carried out by Imperial College London in cooperation with the NHS, revealed that obesity and obesity-related hospital admissions in children quadrupled between 2000 and 2009, and the growing problem is likely to lead to a significant increase in health issues in adults.  Overweight children are much Read more [...]

Picking the Perfect Christening Outfit For Your Baby

Babies are adorable, ok when they are not crying and throwing tantrums, when they give you that toothless smile and chuckle that strange language that only they can understand they just melt your heart and you just want to hold them and protect them from this cruel world. Anyway, when a baby comes there are many things that come up but the most important is to let this baby start its life spiritually and this is when you think about christening. This special occasion in your child’s life Read more [...]
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Buying Baby Bedding: Tips To Consider

Parents want  the best for their children, and they we will do anything they can to ensure that their children are safe and well looked after. Having a baby in the house is a precious time in life, and it's a time in life that should be treasured and enjoyed on all accounts. Doing the best for your baby involves many things: buying the right clothes, kitting out the nursery, getting the crib ready etc. Buying suitable bedding for your baby is extremely important as it is where your little Read more [...]

Nikola Tesla explained for your kids

Nikola Tesla was an engineering pioneer. Sure, the articles that feature him may well focus on some of other aspects of his life. As an example, Tesla was, rather appropriately, born in the middle of a violent electrical storm; he also had a famous rivalry with Thomas Edison, the other great electrical pioneer of the age. Even so, for all his human qualities, not all of them good, Tesla deserves to be remembered mostly for his work with electricity.   It's probably fair to say that Read more [...]
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Knowing when to treat your child

Are you worried that your child is spoiled? We all wonder that from time to time, particularly if we are the kind of parents who are inclined to be liberal with treats and nice presents. And while it’s important to prevent bad behaviour and self-centredness, there’s nothing wrong with an occasional treat. Read on to learn about how to strike a balance with treats and promoting good behavior.   Know what spoiled behavior is and how to prevent it The first step is to be aware of the types Read more [...]
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