Fun dairy free meals for kids

Getting the kids to eat something can often be tricky as they can be very selective about the kinds of meals they will eat. However, if you can make it fun then you stand a better chance of getting them to follow a different diet. Should you be looking to cut dairy out of meal times, here are a number of suggestions for how to cook some fun, dairy free meals for your children. Dairy free macaroni and cheese The first question you are likely to ask yourself when you see this recipe title Read more [...]

Looking after a puppy

Looking after a puppy is a very rewarding activity. You will get a lot of love and affection from your new young pet, but with that will come plenty of mischief and a need for a great deal of care. Puppies may seem capable, but you must remember that they are essentially young children and need extra attention if you want them growing up to be healthy. The most pressing - and arguably the hardest - aspect of caring for a puppy is keeping it out of trouble. You may need to puppy-proof your house Read more [...]

Garden rooms: Great for kids!

Many of the uses people put garden rooms like those from Green Retreats to are based around things like office work and other adult pastimes. But that doesn't mean that only grown-ups can benefit from having a garden room like this, of course! Children of any age could gain the benefit of these sorts of space - and there are ways of developing such spaces to meet the needs of youngsters at various stages of their lives. Toddler When you have a toddler on your hands, it doesn't only Read more [...]

Virtual Water: A Very Real Concern of the Common Household

If you were to approach the average man in the street with the question: “What is virtual water?” the chances are you would be met with blank looks or the misguided notion that the concept had some connection to technology and the worldwide web. But the reality is that virtual water is all around us – we just never noticed it before. For much of the past decade we’ve been taught to focus on reducing the amount of domestic water consumption within our everyday life. At present, domestic Read more [...]

Complications related with Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity -   Childhood obesity is on the rise, and many healthcare professionals are warning that the issue could become an epidemic in the UK. Studies carried out by Imperial College London in cooperation with the NHS, revealed that obesity and obesity-related hospital admissions in children quadrupled between 2000 and 2009, and the growing problem is likely to lead to a significant increase in health issues in adults.  Overweight children are much Read more [...]
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